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Dr. Arun Dev

Get top-notch orthopedic treatment in Hyderabad from Dr. Arun Dev, a highly skilled Orthopedic Surgeon with a strong background from renowned institutions such as KEM & SION Hospital, and SHALBY Hospitals. Dr. Arun Dev’s expertise lies in Joint Replacement Surgeries, Arthroscopy and Sports medicine, as well as Complex Trauma ( RTA ).


👉Successfully completed over 1500+ surgeries, including trauma, joint replacements, and ligament tear procedures.
👉Possess professional experience working with SHALBY Hospitals for 2 years, which is recognized as the largest center for joint replacement surgeries in India.
👉Experience of working for 4 years at India’s largest trauma centre and elite institutions ( KEM & SION Hospitals Mumbai ).
👉Well versed in the intricate procedures of knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgeries, possessing a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques and advancements in the field of joint replacement.
👉 Proficient in managing diverse orthopedic departments, specializing in Trauma from Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), Pediatric and Geriatric fractures
👉Expert in treating Knee and Shoulder ligament injuries.

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Knee Replacement

The human knee joint is a fascinating organ that allows us to move about and perform a variety of physical tasks. The knee joint, however, may degrade with age, injury, or medical disorders, leading to persistent discomfort.. Read more

Sports Injury Treatment

Sports injuries can be a common occurrence for athletes and active individuals. Proper treatment of sports injuries is crucial to promote healing, reduce pain, and restore function as early as possible..  Read more

Hip Replacement

The hip joint is essential for mobility, stability, and weight-bearing tasks in our everyday life. However, when the hip joint is harmed or degenerates as a result of several reasons, it may cause crippling pain and a marked decrease in quality of life.  Read more

Fracture Treatment

Accidents, falls, sports injuries, and medical disorders are all potential causes of fractures. These breaks may be very painful, restrict movement, and interfere with daily living. Fortunately, a variety of healing.. Read more

Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder joint is a complex and important joint that allows for a wide range of motion, allowing us to perform daily tasks and participate in sports and recreational activities. However, persistent discomfort, restricted mobility reduced quality of life Read more

Road Traffic Accident Treatment

Pediatric fractures, or fractures in children, require specific considerations and treatment approaches due to the unique characteristics of growing bones. Proper treatment is essential to ensure proper healing.. Read more

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Myself being sports person I do lot of cardio and jumping, due to that I got injured and was suffering with Knee pain. I have consulted Dr. Arun sir, got operated Arthroscopy key hole surgey. Now am able to restart my sports career. Am very much thankful to Dr. Arun Dev sir and Renova Hospital team. 

Ayoub Mubarak

I was suffering from severe Hip pain since a year. I have consulted a doctor in my village, after the tests he diagnosed it as left hip synovial chondromatosis with secondary arthritis which is a rare condition seen in 1 in 1 lakh people. My doctor refered to Dr. Arun sir, I got operated and now am completly fit and healthy. 


I was suffering from right knee discomfort, deformity, and impaired day-to-day activities, such as climbing stairs or getting up from a sitting position. I was sugested to visit Renova Hospital, and I have consulted Dr. Arun Dev sir, I am fortunate get operated by him now am happy to continue my regular activities without any support. Thank you Dr. Arun sir.