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Dr. Arun Dev

Experience exceptional orthopedic care with Dr. Arun Dev, a highly accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon with an extensive track record from prestigious institutions like KEM & SION Hospital, as well as SHALBY Hospitals.

Specializing in Joint Replacement Surgeries, Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, and Complex Trauma (RTA), Dr. Arun Dev brings over a decade of expertise to the medical field. With a reputation for providing top-tier patient care, he excels in diagnosing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions, encompassing bone, joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries and ailments.

Choose Dr. Arun Dev for comprehensive orthopedic solutions, supported by his unwavering commitment to excellence. Presently, he is available at Renova Hospitals, situated in the heart of Kompally, Hyderabad. Experience the pinnacle of orthopedic care under Dr. Arun Dev’s dedicated supervision.

Currently Dr. Arun Dev is accessible for consultation at the renowned Renova Hospital Kompally, Hyderabad branch.

Best Orthopedic Doctor in Kompally:

Dr. Arun Dev’s expertise encompasses a diverse spectrum of orthopedic conditions, ensuring comprehensive care and treatment for patients. With a focus on joint pain, trauma, and various injuries, he has successfully completed over 1500 surgeries, including complex procedures such as joint replacements and ligament tear repairs. His professional tenure at SHALBY Hospitals, a renowned center for joint replacement surgeries, has equipped him with valuable experience in delivering high-quality care and achieving optimal patient outcomes.

Utilizing advanced techniques, Dr. Arun Dev specializes in joint replacement surgeries, offering numerous advantages including reduced surgical time, painless procedures, fast-track rehabilitation, and early discharge post-surgery. This approach ensures that patients experience minimal discomfort and achieve swift recovery, enhancing overall treatment satisfaction.

Furthermore, Dr. Arun Dev owns extensive experience at India’s largest trauma center and esteemed institutions has honed my ability to manage intricate orthopedic departments, particularly in handling trauma resulting from road traffic accidents, pediatric and geriatric fractures, and knee and shoulder ligament injuries. Additionally, his expertise extends to treating specific conditions such as shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tears, ACL ligament tears, meniscus tears, and frozen shoulder, ensuring a comprehensive approach


Proficient in addressing a wide range of ailments, including:

🔹Knee shoulder and Hip Joint pain.
🔹Complex Trauma (RTA)
🔹Ligament injuries ( Sports injuries )
🔹Pediatric and Geriatric Fractures
🔹Chronic Neck and Low back pain
Area of Expertise:
👉Successfully completed over 1500 + surgeries, including trauma, joint replacements, and ligament tear procedures.
👉Possess professional experience working with SHALBY Hospitals for 2years which is recognized as the largest center for joint replacement surgeries in India.
💠Advantages of Zero technique surgery:
1️⃣ Less Surgical time
2️⃣ Painless Surgery
3️⃣ Fast track rehabilitation & recovery
4️⃣ Discharge within 48 hrs of the surgery
👉Experience of working for 4years at India’s largest Trauma centre and Elite institutions ( KEM & SION Hospitals Mumbai ).
👉Capable of managing intricate orthopedic departments that encompass a broad range of specialties, including Trauma resulting from Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), Pediatric and Geriatric fractures.
👉 Handling Knee and Shoulder ligament injuries
🔹Shoulder dislocation
🔹Rotator calf tear
🔹ACL ligament tear
🔹Meniscus tear
🔹Frozen shoulder